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Made With Pure Honey

We only use best pure honey in each of our product.

Natural Ingredients

Grandma's only use natural ingredients that she knows where it comes from.


We only use honey we know, working closely with beekeepers.

Every purchase for the bees

For every sale of Grandma's Honey Drops, 5% of profits are donated to Bee City!

4 Delicious flavours

All flavours includes honey as a first ingredients that a taste of your choice.

Protecting the bees

Pollinators (mostly insects) are essential to fertilize most plants.

``There are always flowers for those who want to see them.``

- Henry Matisse

Saves the bees

Grandma’s is proud to have partnered with Bee City, a non-profit organization committed to inspiring and engaging communities to take action to protect pollinators.

Fundraise with Grandma

A great alternative to traditional fundraising chocolate, Grandma’s Honey Drops are a great product for raising funds.


Every purchase of Honey Drops helps sponsor Bee City