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Protect the Bees

Help Grandma’s
care for the pollinators.

For every sale of Grandma’s Honey Drops, 5% of the profits are donated to Bee City.

Here at Grandma’s we know that it takes more than a delicious treat to make the world a better place… Although it can’t hurt! We want to uphold our grandmotherly values and contribute to a better tomorrow by helping a cause that we hold close to our hearts, saving the bees. Grandma’s has decided to help save the bees and their fellow pollinators.


We believe in connecting our product back to nature and supporting fresh and natural ingredients. Each pollinator plays a key role in the creation of fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods. To help the pollinators, Grandma’s has partnered with Bee City and other bee-saving initiatives to inspire and engage communities to take action and protect our local pollinators.

Did you know...

55000 Miles

Is how far a colony of bees fly to make 1 pound of honey. This is up to 2 millions flowers.

200 Beats/second

Is how fast a honey bee strokes her wings, letting her fly up to 15 mph.

170 Receptors

Compared to 62 in fruit flies and 79 in mosquitos mean they have a great sense of smell.

Bees help bring fresh food to your table.

At Grandma’s, not only did we want to make candies that would be good for you, we also wanted to do good! Bettering ourselves and the world we live in is one of our founding values. We have decided to help save the bees and all pollinators because without them, we can say goodbye to most food items we find on our market stalls: apples, cucumbers, peaches, almond, and so on.

Want to help Grandma’s save the Bees?

Good deeds come in all different forms.


Simply purchase Grandma’s Honey Drop’s.

Get involved

Get involved with Bee City, a registered charity organization.


Donate to a cause close to your heart.


Learn more about your pollinators and spread the word!

Start a fundraiser

Choose a cause and make a difference.