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Honey & Cherry

Mouthwatering cherries for a natural fruity taste

Grandma’s has created a new recipe using delicious natural Cherry flavour. Combined with the soothing effects of honey, this is one great tasting drop!

Honey & Echinacea

Naturally soothing and refreshing

Delicious Canadian honey combined with the natural and pleasant flavour of Echinacea to creates a new tasty Honey drop by Grandma’s.

Honey & Lemon

Grandma’s Lemon Honey Drops add a touch of sunshine to your day

Honey combined with zesty lemon will remind you of summer days.  Each Honey Lemon Drop will fill you with joy just like Grandma’s hugs!

Honey & Butter

A honey drop sure to make you smile

Cozy up and enjoy the taste of Grandma’s Butterscotch Honey drops.

Honey & Eucalyptus

Grandma’s will take care of you

Traditional eucalyptus and our real honey are perfect ingredients to soothe your sore throat and relieve cold symptoms.

Honey & Mint

Rejuvenate with fresh mint from Grandma’s garden

Grandmothers are here to teach us about nature’s healing herbs. Fresh mint is a staple in many great recipes. Our Mint Honey drops are a delicious way to refresh your palette, ease digestion, and reconnect with nature.

Maple Syrup

Introducing Grandma’s Special Edition Maple Treats!

Discover a true Canadian tradition with Grandma’s delicious Maple Treats.