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How Pure is Your Honey?

In recent years, the authenticity of honey has been put into question. Honey, a popular ingredient in our kitchen can be said to be a staple in most of our diets. The sweet nectar is not only delicious, but is also renowned for having some great health benefits. So how to tell you are not buying fake honey?

The only way to really know the purity of Honey is to chemically test it in a laboratory. For the past year, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has been a lot stricter and more constant on targeting fake honey. After numerous tests, a number of countries importing including Greece, China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam have been found importing a mix of foreign sugars such as corn syrup, rice syrup and cane sugar syrup, and containing a minimal amount or none at all, of actual honey.

A great way to tell the difference is by price, you get what you paid for! Other ways are to check the labels, pure honey only contains one ingredient, or you can simply turn your containers upside down, pure honey will flow longer, and fake honey will begin to drip sooner. Grandma’s honey drops are made with real honey and are free of all the bad-for-you ingredients usually found in candy, or in many imported honeys.

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