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Author: Grandma's Crew

Grandmas, they are always there to put a smile on our face. They give us advice when we need it. They offer us sweet treats to brighten our day and a hug when we need comforting.Our childhood wouldn’t be the same without our grandmothers. We called our brand Grandma’s to honour all the grandmothers out there, no matter how you call them: grandmother, granny, mammy, grandma, etc.Our candies are made with natural ingredients as if they just came out of Grandma’s kitchen.”Between the earth and the sky above, nothing can match a grandmother's love.

Easy Tips to Make Your Garden a Pollinator-Friendly Oasis Many of us grow flowers to embellish our lawns during the warmer months, but did you know not all plants were created equal? In terms of eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness, it should be known that most plants sold in commercial stores are full of pesticides and are a far cry from the ancestral plants that would grow naturally and are actually on of the root cause for pollinator (e.g. bees, hummingbirds, certain butterflies and insects that pollinate/fertilize plants). Surprisingly, creating a pollinator-friendly oasis is easier than maintaining a tidy lawn: keeping your grassed area untidy creates a more welcoming environment for diverse species to thrive. An another great way of saving the native bees and pollinators? Attracting them by  creating a pollinator paradise. Avoid pruning or spraying your lawn, plant native flowers and opt

Greek for "well-covered", Eucalyptus trees can reach great heights. Larger trees are known to grow above 60m. However what eucalyptus is most often recognized for is its ability to soothe a sore throat and other cold symptoms. Below are some other great benefits associated to eucalyptus: Boosts mental clarity by allowing more oxygen to the lungsIts anti-inflammatory benefits help relieve sore musclesEradicates bad breath thanks to antimicrobial compoundsSoothes insect bites by stopping germs from spreadingAlleviates sinus pain and headaches by reducing mucus and loosening up congestion

More than a fragrant culinary herb, mint has a host of benefits which is why Grandma has included it in her honey candies! Read on below for mints uses and benefits: Helps relieve an upset stomach thanks to its anti-spasmodic effectRich in antioxidantsIts germicidal properties cure bad breathEases symptoms of nausea It’s menthol compounds assist in clearing up congestion in the nose, throat and lungs

In recent years, the authenticity of honey has been put into question. Honey, a popular ingredient in our kitchen can be said to be a staple in most of our diets. The sweet nectar is not only delicious, but is also renowned for having some great health benefits. So how to tell you are not buying fake honey? The only way to really know the purity of Honey is to chemically test it in a laboratory. For the past year, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has been a lot stricter and more constant on targeting fake honey. After numerous tests, a number of countries importing including Greece, China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam have been found importing a mix of foreign sugars such as corn syrup, rice syrup and cane sugar syrup, and containing a minimal amount or none at all,