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How To Plant A Bee-Friendly Garden

Easy Tips to Make Your Garden a Pollinator-Friendly Oasis

Many of us grow flowers to embellish our lawns during the warmer months, but did you know not all plants were created equal? In terms of eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness, it should be known that most plants sold in commercial stores are full of pesticides and are a far cry from the ancestral plants that would grow naturally and are actually on of the root cause for pollinator (e.g. bees, hummingbirds, certain butterflies and insects that pollinate/fertilize plants).

Surprisingly, creating a pollinator-friendly oasis is easier than maintaining a tidy lawn: keeping your grassed area untidy creates a more welcoming environment for diverse species to thrive.

An another great way of saving the native bees and pollinators? Attracting them by  creating a pollinator paradise. Avoid pruning or spraying your lawn, plant native flowers and opt for “open” flower as opposed to flowers like roses that have tightly packed petals. For some suggestions on which flowers to plant, you can refer to the guide elaborated by the David Suzuki Foundation. It is a great resource to bring along with you when shopping for plants.


Bring on the sunflowers! Not only are their seed delicious and their appearance very lively when bloomed, they are one of the richest and most readily available source of pollen and nectar.

Happy gardening, and don’t forget to keep pollinators happy! They are responsible for making all the fresh veggies and fruits found on our local market stalls grow.

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